Balcony Install – Day 2

Large Cornice pieces were secured by the end of day 2.  Panels of sheet copper were affixed to the roof (or floor, if you’re standing on it!) of the balcony, and then the joints individually soldered by hand.  Again, 94+ degree temps made the day a long and tiresome one for Grand River’s employees.

Balcony Installation Progress

Day 1 of Grand River’s installation schedule yielded significant progress on the balcony.  The main piece and frame was affixed to the building and several additional pieces were attached.  They worked in 96+ degree heat throughout the day.


Grand River Builders Arrives With Balcony Pieces

On June 21, 2022 Grand River Builders arrived with all of the custom fabricated copper pieces of the balcony.  Each individual piece was made to fit together perfectly, and every single individual piece of copper was hand-crafted and hand-soldered together.

Door Restoration & Recreated Wood Panels

Kirk @ Sphere Project Management took off the two dry rotted doors on the north stairwell and took them back to his shop to fully restore them.  All of the wood below the glass was fully replaced with reclaimed wood from the 1800s, all the brass hardware was removed, cleaned, polished, and internals cleaned and lubricated.  In addition, a wood panel that was missing was  refabricated from scratch to match the original panels beneath the rest of the storefront windows and installed.

Next Steps…

Next steps to be completed in 2022

  1.  Re-fabricated Balcony Installation (In progress)
  2.  Additional downspout work
  3.  Replacement of several wooden trim pieces on front façade (In progress)
  4.  Masons – replace damaged brick and tuckpoint entire front façade

We’re not sure if we’ll get to painting trim in 2022.

Stripping Completed

On June 10, 2022, Stripping the paint from the brick was completed.  The remaining white spots will be removed by the Masons – it’s mostly patching and caulk.

Chemical Stripping Progress

Throughout May and early June, progress continued as we peeled back 6-8 layers of paint.  Certain areas required 6 applications of stripper.

Balcony Update

Grand River Builders sent us this photo of the balcony fabrication in-progress.