Mr. Solmonson is open to offers

In late 2014, the owner of Clark Memorial Hall, Ken Solmonson, walked into our small business (Maggard Razors) on Maiden Lane, inquiring if we might be interested in renting a portion of the first floor.  We were on the verge of hiring our 6th employee, and had over 1500 products in the store – and operating in only 900SF.  We were out of space!  I told Ken that I wasn’t interested in renting only a portion of his first floor – because I needed more space than that to justify moving our store.  I also told him that I’d be more interested in purchasing the building.  This sparked a period of research and investigation, and I hired a lawyer to help out with the legalese. Eventually, we submitted a formal offer for the building, with a large number of contingencies.
Photo credit: Jim Allen (July, 2014)